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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

rabble rabble rabble

Lisa wrote this over the lo(ooooo)ng weekend hiatus I just got over:

While 5th District bloggers may not be able to have an impact on Virgil stepping down from office, we CAN do some digging and keep putting the information out to local media in letters about his record, campaign contributions and perhaps even his spending patterns (check this site in response to the one sideblogged by Waldo). We can provide data to his opposition after the 5th District caucuses and convention in April for use during debates with Virgil and publicity pieces.
It's not that I'm convinced Virgil really did use his spot on the Appropriations Committee to funnel money into MZM -- look, we don't have all the facts (probably never will) and a Justice Department that, as far as we can tell, isn't interested in Virgil's alleged acts of impropriety.

After all, when Mitch Wade said he "owned" Virgil, he probably just meant benevolently and liberally observed from afar.

The real issue is, Virgil's just another one of the loser republican House-lings coddled since the bargain sale of his soul to build their majority. "Join us? Get a choice spot on a key committee and an essentially safe seat while we are in power."

Meanwhile, what do we get in return? Lisa points our attention to this Times-Dispatch article re: Danville's-ranking-fifth-on-list-of-worst-job-markets-behind-cities-like-New-Orleans-and-Biloxi:
I was also unaware that, while 2,500 jobs had been created in the last two years, the net loss of jobs in the city is still 1700 (listed on page A13). Bringing jobs to the 5th District is what Virgil keeps talking about. Who knows, there might actually be an amendment to the bill he introduced in the House about the border fence between America and Mexico that requires 5th District voters to be given jobs on the project!

And Lisa's right on the money about our local media outlet's complete lack of interest in this story. There are tons of unanswered questions (Did Virgil receive anything else of value from Wade?; Did their relationship operate quid pro quo?; When exactly did the initial $3.6 million request occur/begin to occur?), but our local media have completely dropped the ball.

Virgil has screwed the Fifth District over, and once again the local corporate media have allowed this bigot to slime his way under the radar in the latest disappointment of his career.