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Monday, March 06, 2006

oh goode-y

The Roanoke Times comes through again! Marvel at the lack of bias, bask in the light shining free from the toxic cloud that is Media General!
"At no time have I or, to my knowledge, any member of my staff been contacted by federal authorities," Goode said in a written statement released Sunday.

"I do not have an attorney," he said. "Since I have not done anything wrong, I see no reason to get one."

The statement is the most detailed response the Rocky Mount Republican has made to date about the now-defunct MZM Inc., his largest source of campaign contributions in recent years and a key player in one of the political corruption cases shrouding Capitol Hill.


Goode's two-page statement, e-mailed at 5:42 p.m. Sunday, came seven days after his office directed reporters to submit in writing their questions about Wade's guilty plea and the continuing investigation.

Although it was Goode's most detailed account so far, the statement left many questions unanswered.

For example, Goode offered no response to the following question from The Roanoke Times: "Other than campaign contributions, did you ever receive anything of value from either Mitchell Wade or MZM?"


No one has publicly accused Goode of taking such gifts.

But there have been questions about the campaign contributions he received from MZM's political action committee, its employees and their family members -- questions that Goode chose not to address in his statement Sunday.


At the same time he was receiving more than $90,000 in MZM-linked campaign contributions, Goode requested $3.6 million in defense funding that eventually went to MZM, then worked closely with state and local officials to draw up an economic incentives package that offered unusually generous benefits to the company for locating an operation in Martinsville.

Goode did not respond directly to a question about whether that amounted to a quid pro quo arrangement with MZM.

He did say he has submitted hundreds of funding requests during his tenure on the House Appropriations Committee that would benefit his district.


The statement also left unanswered written questions about whether Goode should have realized that something was amiss about the MZM-linked money, given the amounts and the nature of the contributions.


Goode -- who gave his MZM-linked money to charity when the scandal became public -- said some of the contributions were mailed to him and others he received in person at fundraising events.

But he did not respond to additional questions about the donations.

Nor did he answer a question about an additional $9 million in defense funding he sought for MZM that is mentioned in court papers related to Wade's case.

Go read the Times-Dispatch for Media General's take on Goode's statement. I won't blockquote it here, but here's a whiff of the stench that is their partisan sludge:
Defenders maintain that the popular Goode, a lawyer, has shown unreproachable integrity over a long career in the state legislature and Congress.
So, here's what we learn from the Times piece:
  1. Goode will not answer whether he received anything of value besides contributions from Wade.
  2. He did not answer whether his little arrangement with MZM/Wade that amounted to, you know, receiving contributions-then-inserting earmarks that would directly benefit his corporation amounted to quid pro quo. I guess it's just how things are done in Washington, is that accurate?
  3. He did not answer whether or not the contributions were suspicious. I'll just let that one speak for itself.
  4. He did not respond to inquiries into a more recent earmark attempt that was almost three times the size of the most suspicious earmark. (Special thanks to the Times for bringing this one up -- I thought I was going a little crazy about it.)
It takes exactly two seconds to tell the truth. Time to put the popcorn in the microwave.


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