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Friday, March 03, 2006

goode > harris

I don't really know what it is about this Goode/Harris/Wade/MZM scandal. Call it my white whale, the light to my moth, the magnet to my paperclip.

What passes for governance on the part of those who represent us in Congress really amounts to corporate welfare sloppily coated over with a layer of, well, lies intended to fool us into believing they are Defenders of Populism and fightin' ta keep Murikans safe.

I'm fucking sick of it. What's more, I'm disgusted by Virgil Goode and his, you know, willingness to accept suspicious campaign contributions from individuals representing a corporation and his resulting actions that benefitted that same corporation.

It doesn't get much more black and white than that.

So I'm really surprised that the blogosphere is abuzz with Katherine Harris' version of Goode-gate without sufficient attention to its counterpart, which I believe is very similar. Maybe it's because Harris is generally despised by democrats because of her integral role as disenfranchiser of thousands in Florida in the 2000 election debacle. I mean just look at her (which okay is laughable and I admit one reason I hate her too but it doesn't amount to anything substantive.) Maybe it's because she's so obviously in bed with the Church Channel crowd while at the same time willing to posture herself in front of the camera to ensure maximum boob-ness. Maybe it's because she's running a truly laughable Senate bid. She's just one of those easy-to-hate airheaded corporatist politicians that so crystallizes what the republican party is about that people find it easy and natural to hate her.

Okay so I agree with them and I hate her too for those reasons, but I still have enough hate left in me to be able to devote much MUCH more of that hate and disgust towards Goode.

So let's get back to the thrust of this post and examine the similarities between Goode/MZM and Harris/MZM.
  • Both were recipients of substantial donations from MZM/Wade.
    • These contributions occurred en masse at critical times right before either MZM was awarded taxpayer money (as in the Goode case) or a request to that effect was to be made (as in the Harris case.)
    • Both were pressured to attach earmarks that would benefit MZM to defense appropriations bills (those bills that are never voted down and resultantly filled with fishy corporate welfare add-ons.)
Here are the critical differences:
  • Harris sloppily lied about her involvement and has now hired a lawyer which raises eyebrows.
  • Harris does not sit on an Appropriations Committee.
  • Goode has not sloppily lied about his involvement.
    • He has said consistently, from the beginning, that he was "shocked and amazed" that the contributions were illegal.
  • Goode is a member of the House Appropriations Committee.
When will the blogosphere wake the HELL up and realize that Goode's involvement with the MZM scandal is FAR MORE SUSPICIOUS AND SHADY than Harris'.

Harris just reacted as the ditz she really is. Goode's been smart enough to play dumb since the beginning even though his actions directly led to YOUR money being handed out to MZM projects.


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