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Saturday, March 04, 2006

danville register bee has the scoop

Looks like Virgil is ready to talk:

U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, R-5th, said Friday he received illegal contributions from former MZM Inc. head Mitchell Wade through the mail, at events and sometimes from Wade personally.


Goode accepted $46,000 in donations from the company, Wade and its employees since his relationship with Wade began when they met in Charlottesville "in 2001 or 2002," Goode said Friday. The congressman has since donated the contributions to charity.

"It’s just like any other entity or individual," Goode said of receiving the funds. "Some were (donated) at events, and some were in the mail, and some events (Wade) handed it to me."

Goode has repeatedly denied that he knew the donations were illegal. Political analysts have said it is unlikely that Goode would face charges in the matter.

"I have not been contacted by the (Department of Justice)," he said, adding he was not questioned by the grand jury in the case.


When asked if his vote is for sale when it means jobs for the 5th District, Goode replied, "When people come by the office, one thing I always talk to them about is, 'What can you bring for the 5th District?'" I've submitted a whole lot of appropriations for jobs in the 5th District."

Goode answered questions Friday after getting his blood pressure checked at a demonstration at the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce office for a program called Dr. Chip, which he helped obtain a grant. It was part of a day that included stops at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research and Galileo Magnet High School, both in Danville.

Goode said he had received questions about his relationship with Wade from the Martinsville Bulletin and the Franklin County News-Post. He said he intends to answer those questions through a single statement.

"You all are getting an advantage over the others, because I hadn’t gotten my answers all the way together," Goode told a Register-Bee reporter.

From reading that, you might think all Goode received from MZM was $46,000. He has, in his career, in fact received over $90,000 (according to -- Waldo puts it at over $100,000; either way, a hell of a lot of money.) The $46,000 is the amount that was determined to be illegally contributed by Wade when he reimbursed his employees for their contributions.

So I'm curious which contributions exactly were handed to him by Wade himself in person.

Guess we'll find out more when Goode has his "answers all the way together." Lying is like that -- see you have to make up a story first.


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