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Sunday, February 12, 2006

snowy thoughts

This morning I read a passage from Al Franken's The Truth (With Jokes), that mentioned Paul Krugman's insight about tax cuts during wartime. Paraphrasing, BushCo's "tax cuts" (which of course are really nothing more than an attempt to even out where tax revenue comes from -- rich people pay less and we other folk pay a hell of a lot more) are unprecedented in all of human history.

I guess I had known this from the beginning, but with so many other outrages to keep abreast on, this one fell through the cracks. Let's deconstruct what these "tax cuts" really mean, and how fitting they are as a thesis statement for the past six years of this government.

BushCo's so-called War on Terror has, from the very beginning, been a vehicle for manipulating the public into supporting the various schemes that have been perpetrated in its name. The occupation of Iraq, being the happy centerpiece of the endeavor, illustrates this quite clearly.

The cost, in dollars, of the occupation has far exceeded anything Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz best-estimated (read: lied about) back in early 2003. In BushCo's recent FY2007 budget proposal, which notably included millions for their Social Security privitization scheme, Our Leader proposed an allocation of around $439billion for the Pentagon (not including those timely emergency Congress-please-bail-us-the-hell-out requests every quarter.) And the truth is that less and less of the programs under the umbrella of the Occupation have been directly administered by Shrub and his buddies. The Occupation has been executed in large part by private uber-corporations (google: Halliburton/KBR) with varying degress of success. If by success you mean FUBAR, stealing, lying and general murderousness.

Tax revenue evening out so that we normal folk pay for this shit. Except $9billion can't be accounted for because so many pigs are at the trough no one can figure out which pigs are the piggiest.

So, we normal folk catch the tab, and we do it readily. A few sparkling tidbits from that linked meta-poll:
  • Half of all those polled favor "major cuts in federal income tax rates" that have been implemented by BushCo. (and the same proportion thinks they should be "extended into the future" -- though 15% were unsure and probably didn't know what the hell this meant.)

  • 70% of those polled think taxes should not be increased as a way to "reduce the budget deficit." (41% think it should be done by "lowering domestic spending" on all those lazy welfare queens.)

The rub is, of course, that we normal folk didn't get no kind of tax cut. Only Bush Pioneers like Jack Abramoff, and Paris Hilton and others set to inherit millions who won't have to pay up their due on their fortunate freebies.

Not only do we not want to pay for this shit (even though we already are -- well, China too,) but BushCo has succeeded in convincing us that someone better damn well pay for this shit or else a bunch of howling ragheads are going to come to our Wal-Marts and eat our babies. Another glimpse, from
  • 80% of those polled think the country's top priority should be "defending the country from future terrorist attacks."

SAVE ME FROM THE ISLAMO-FASCISTS (as the ebullient Phil Gingrey termed them on the floor of the People's House), just don't make me pay for it.

And with that, the most disgusting and truly abhorrent new phase in our nation's adolescence -- the "what war?" mentality that engender the aforementioned corporate thieveries. Keep me safe, just don't make me stop driving my big-honkin-SUV. I have a yellow ribbon magnet god dammit!

This funny blip in polling data (because, truly, when else has a country been so disconnected from what it perceives to be as the highest priority for its lawmakers...oh, wait) is the grand sum of the BushCo strategy. Keep 'em scared, and keep 'em stupid. And it's working magnificently.


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