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Friday, February 24, 2006


We've always known Fox plays a huge part in manufacturing the lies necessary to maintain the Cult of Bush, I've just never witnessed a moment that crystallizes the necessary relation to the Cult of Death their allegience represents as clearly as this picture.

Of course it's a good thing, if you're a member of BushCo (not the Iraqis we "spread freedom" upon):
The Iraqi government announced another daytime curfew for Saturday in Baghdad and the surrounding provinces of Salaheddin, Babil and Diyala. And the U.S. military said it would carry out additional security patrols for another 48 hours.
Late Friday, two rockets were fired in a village southeast of Baghdad that includes a tomb revered by Shiites. There was no damage to the tomb, U.S. and Iraqi officials said. Two more rockets exploded in the British Embassy compound in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, causing minor injuries to two British workers, the U.S. military reported.
Police found at least 27 bodies Friday in Baghdad and other cities and towns. Many were believed to have been victims of sectarian violence, including five Shiite men killed by gunmen who burst into their home in Latifiyah south of Baghdad.
In Samarra, a roadside bomb killed two policemen, and a husband and wife in a passing vehicle were injured when police opened fire after the attack, police said. An explosion set fire to an oil pipeline south of the city.
In Washington, Bush warned Americans to expect more bloodshed and more political wrangling in Iraq.
"We can expect the coming days will be intense," the president said in a speech to a veterans' group. "But I'm optimistic because the Iraqi people have spoken and make their intentions clear."
"They want their freedom. They want their country to be a democracy," Bush said.

No you lying piece of shit, they want their country to be separated like it was before the British arbitrarily carved it out of the sand in order to maximize oil exploration/production. We've seen (and will continue to see) that they'll go to any length to build nations with the singular sectarian identities that Saddam Hussein never allowed. He knew that giving too much power to religious leaders would marginalize his ability to effectively run a totalitarian regime. So he made himself more important than religion.

Well we can even see in this country when government tries to do that. Just look at South Dakota.

And now? BushCo couldn't be more pleased with the previous state of affairs: allow chaos to reign and let the wholesale plundering begin. Under the CPA, Iraq's resources were sold to the highest bidder in an orgy of neo-liberal corporate giveaways. They thought they could reign it in by sticking to their "they-hate-us-for-our-freedoms" "spreadin' democracy" mantras, but what they didn't realize was because of the disgusting greed and general crookery that was the "rebuilding" of Iraq they managed to forget about the people. One combat-ready battallion. Thousands of defections from the police force. Widespread suffering with no reliable access to water or electricity. The market always balances itself out, right?

This time the joke's on them, and god help us but the joke will be in the form of horrific brutality and the deaths of thousands of innocent people caught up in the whole Mess.

But the oil's safely in their hands, BushCo will be leaving office shortly to return to the upper echelons of the private sector. Cheney's seat at the helm of Halliburton is still warm. And Iraq will be left awash with the blood of her children. Mission accomplished.


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